How to avoid malwares during free downloads

feature--3Malware is a term used to describe a general category of damaging softwares that includes worms, rootkits, trojan horses, adware, viruses, and spyware. The impact of malware extent of brief disturbance to identity theft and computer crashes. Malware is easier to avoid than to remove. On a website, if you are unsure, leave the site and research the software you are being asked to install. If that’s ok, you can simply return to the website and install it. And if it’s not ok, you will avoid a malware. From a pop-up window, some pop-up windows or boxes will attempt to corner you into downloading software or tolerating a free system scan of some type. Read More →

Why Online Software Piracy is Still Growing

feature--1Online Piracy seems to become a “taboo” in the internet world. But have you ever wonder why online Piracy is still growing? From movies, softwares and music, anything that you should purchased seems to be available for free now as long as you can access those Pirated items. Read More →

Premium vs Free Software, what are the odds?

feature--2Your PC won’t be able to work alone without using softwares from drivers to differen sofwares that will provide you with the ease and comfort of doing things automated instead of doing them manually. There will be sofwares that will come in handy and provided for free and there are also some that will allow you to pay for some amount as a premium user. Read More →