Graphic cards and video cards; how different are they?

Graphic cards and Video Cards are often used interchangeably and can be technically considered the same. They help generate output images and transmit them to a display device. has conducted various surveys, both online and physical. These surveys were done in a quest to determine how people classify both graphics cards and video cards.

Online reviews about computer game stores have also been consulted far and wide to determine the extent to which people consider graphics cards and video cards similar generally. It has been shown that several people don’t even know the differences between them, especially people outside of the gaming industry.

A graphic card is a piece of hardware in your computer that creates the image displayed on your monitor. It can also be said to be a printed circuit board housing a processor and RAM. It enhances the graphical capabilities of the computer.

A video Card on the other hand is a video controller, which appears as a circuit board to fit on a motherboard. (

It works with the computer processor to display images on the monitor. It connects the motherboard to the computing system. It combines the monitor with the other system and shows all information in the video form to the user

The following features will help differentiate between Graphics Card and Video Card.

·       Concept;

Graphics card helps in controlling the quality of pictures, videos and improves gaming experience while a video card helps in controlling color displayed, resolution, speed of rendering images; even while achieving the same control as a graphics card.

·       Cost

Integrated Graphics card is cheaper and requires low energy while Video card is more expensive as compared to graphic card

·       Usage

Graphic Cards are used mainly for gaming consoles while Video cards are used for video editing, multimedia projects

·       Improvement

The graphic card helps in enhancing picture quality, supporting the high resolution and 3D effects while Video Card helps in controlling the display setting of the PC system

·       Presence

Graphic card is optional and may not be present in a default installation of a PC system while the video card is always present in a PC

·       Performance

The speed of a graphic card is faster while the speed of a video card is slower compared to a graphic card.

Graphic cards have their cooling system and RAM for better performance while Video cards don’t have their RAM, thus reducing the system RAM.