5 Negative Effects of Computer Radiation on Human Body

All over the world, computers are used everyday to do many tasks such as communication, business, remote work, purchases, and others so much easier.

Over time, computers have evolved from mainframe computers to portable laptops and palmtops. Everywhere you go, there is always a computer of some kind. Computers have made life so much easier, and everybody uses a computer for anything, ranging from the tiniest things to huge things.

However, the technology of these computers produces radiations from their use. Opinions on Collected.Reviews show that many radiation effects on the human body have been caused by long term exposure to computer devices. According to trustworthy weight-loss supplements stores, many of their consumers use computers at every moment in their lives. These computer devices produce radiations that are harmful to the human body.

·       Fertility damage:

Laptops, as the name implies, are computer devices placed on the laps while working due to their lightweight and portability. This means laptops can be carried around and used anywhere. However, these laptops produce radiation called EMF radiation. When the computer is used while on the laps, this type of radiation concentrates the EMF radiation on the lower abdominal area. This is the part of the human body where the reproductive systems are situated. Long hours of laptop usage on one’s laps have proven to cause high EMF radiation. This thereby causes lower sperm counts and less sperm mobility, i.e. inactive sperms in male laptop users. In female users, the EMF radiation from the laptop is also harmful to the development of a foetus and is often seen after the child’s birth.

·       Damage to healthy cells and chromosomes:

Radiations from computer devices cause damages or mutation to cells in the human body. When experienced in large quantities due to computer devices’ continuous usage, these radiations cause enormous meaningful damage to the body cells and chromosomes that form the DNA. This leads to a lot of health problems that are most often terminal.

·       Cancer:

Cancer is an abnormal growth of a body cell in any part of the body. The EMF radiations caused by computer devices affect the body cells and cause cancerous growth in different areas in the body, especially the skin. These radiations cause abnormal growth of body cells which leads to cancer.

·       Headache:

Exposure to radiation such as UV light rays and blue light of computer devices for prolonged periods cause eye aches and headaches. These radiations cause a lot of harm to the eye and brain, causing headaches and severe migraines.

·       Inadequate sleep:

Exposure to these radiation light rays also reduces the amount of sleep one gets. This is because these light rays affect one’s eyes and make it harder to adjust and sleep well. This way, a person’s productivity is affected due to the absence of enough sleep.

Computers, although very useful, produce a tremendous amount of radiation after a long-term exposure that has a number of adverse consequences on the human body. Thankfully, there are ways to deal with these radiations.